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Welcome to the official website of Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus. As you explore our campus via the Internet, I trust you will find answers to any questions you may have about our Penn State community, the opportunities it offers, and the resources available to you here.

Penn State Fayette is a campus that serves the southwestern Pennsylvania region and beyond! In 2009, our campus became home to international students from countries including China, Dubai, India, Korea and Morocco. These students bring a wonderful global presence to Fayette County. Their presence, as well as opportunities for local students to participate in international travel, helps to better connect our growing rural area with the fast-paced Global Village of today.

We live in a global world, and we need to be competitive in that global world. Penn State Fayette is proud to assist our students in engaging the possibilities the future holds. Today, students of all ages are challenged to be prepared to live and work anywhere in the world—their personal career advancement may, in fact, hinge on it. Being globally competent is surely becoming one of the next requirements for students and, at Penn State Fayette, we want to make sure our students have the skills and knowledge they need to sustain their futures.

Education is our primary focus, of course, and at Penn State Fayette students get a first-rate Penn State education, with its international reputation for excellence, as well as the benefits of a small, nurturing, intimate campus. Penn State Fayette is Fayette County’s only four-year post-secondary educational institution, but it also serves as a direct pipeline to Penn State’s main campus at University Park and sister campuses across the state. Here at the Fayette campus, students can earn any of four four-year baccalaureate degrees, eight two-year associate degrees, or begin the first two years of any of Penn State’s more than 160 degrees.

Faculty members at Penn State Fayette put their students first. They provide the highest quality instruction and they serve as knowledgeable and caring student advisors and mentors. Many of our faculty are accomplished scholars in their respective fields. As a campus concerned about the vitality of the region, we look for opportunities for our faculty to share their expertise with the local community and others.

Not only is the traditional college experience available to our students, Penn State Fayette offers a unique, engaging educational experience for students of all ages. Degree and non-credit classes are available to assist adults looking to advance their careers. Lifelong learning programs provide a myriad of informal opportunities for learning for youngsters, as well as adults.

The campus also has a lively cultural calendar, featuring programs and events such as the CEO Conversations, theater and musical programs, knowledgeable guest speakers, and athletic events of many kinds that offer opportunities for the campus and the local community to come together.

Another resource we offer to the community is our library. Everyone is encouraged to make use of this state-of-the art facility, with internet access and links to the Big Ten library system with literally millions of books, periodicals, magazines, and articles at one’s fingertips.

Penn State Fayette is a progressive campus that strives to bring the world to our beautiful region, and extend the expertise of the University to southwestern Pennsylvania through active involvement with a variety of regional organizations and partners. We all want to be proud of where we live and work. Together we have great things to look forward to.

On behalf of Penn State Fayette, I invite you to visit our beautiful campus in person. Come and learn about Penn State’s many degree programs, explore the continuing education opportunities we offer, or come to enjoy a cultural event. I look forward to seeing you soon!