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Please protect your personal system. If used on the University network, and your PC becomes compromised, the University may disable your networking access! One of the BEST ways to protect your PC is by installing the Symantec AntiVirus Software, which is available to ALL PSU Faculty, Staff, and Students. 

  Wireless IS available! Details are available on Wireless and VPN information page.

It Staff at Fayette CampusOur department oversees the flow of information on and off of campus. We're responsible for the campus Windows 2000 domain, consisting of almost 400 office and lab systems. Our Windows 2000 Domain contains, at times, over 2,500 user accounts.

We also maintain and program the campus PBX and voice mail systems.

On top of these duties, we're responsible for setting up and distributing all user accounts, photo identification cards, and maintaining security of all the related ID's and systems.

Sounds busy, eh? IT (pun intended) certainly is! We're here to make sure that these technology 'tools' work for you.

IF you have a Computer or Network issue that needs our attention, PLEASE, send an email request to: fenso@lists.psu.edu.