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Penn State Fayette Group Windows Accounts are assigned to any group, visitor, or non-traditional courses/programs who are affiliated with Penn State. A Penn State Fayette Group Windows Account is a unique digital identity, comprised of a user id and password, which enables a person/group to use a wide range of Penn State Fayette Internet services. In order to affirm that you have received your Windows Account user id and password and agree to use it in accordance with University policies, you are required to read the following sections very carefully and then sign in the appropriate places. Your signed agreement to this acceptance statement must be on file in the Network Services Office, Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus in order for your Windows Account to be active.

By signing this acceptance statement, I acknowledge that I have received my Penn State Fayette Group Windows Account user id and password and I agree to abide by the conditions set forth in University Policy AD20 and the EDUCOM statement on using software and network resources. I understand that access to the network and other informational services is a privilege and not a right. Violation of policy or law may result in suspension of network access or other information service privileges, disciplinary action, and legal proceedings. Some computer programs and computer networks have made possession of copyrighted material such as computer programs, music files and videos easier than ever. In many cases, this is in violation of state and federal laws, and University policy. The University takes such violations very seriously.

If I own a personal computer, I will remove and keep off all material that I do not have the right to possess while it is connected to the University’s networks. If I use a University owned computer of any kind, I will not place such material on it at any time. This includes storing such material on personal web spaces, and in the form of programs or files that I maintain on any University owned Computer Resources. I understand that the University may disconnect my machine and suspend other my access while determining whether I possess such material.

If the University believes that I have infringing materials on my computer that is connected to the Penn State network, the University reserves the right to suspend services immediately until such time that it is determined that such materials are no longer on the computer. I understand that my Group Windows account will be restored only upon certification to the University that all infringing materials have been permanently removed. Additionally, I am aware that copyright infringement is against University Policy and can result in serious penalties including dismissal. I also understand that there are serious legal ramifications to copyright infringement that can include large financial penalties, potential confiscation of my computer, and in some case imprisonment.

In addition, I will not use the Penn State network or computers to engage in unauthorized copying, transmission, distribution and/or downloading of such works in violation of federal and state civil or criminal law. I understand that my ultimate responsibility is to ensure that the copyright holder has granted permission to make or distribute the copy in question.

I understand that penalties for possession of copyrighted material that I am not entitled to include discontinuance of network access,[ from the University for students and termination of employment for employees. In addition, I understand that I may also be charged with offenses under state and federal law that includes penalties of up to 10 years imprisonment and significant fines if found guilty.

A Copy of University Policy AD20 and the EDUCOM is available at the Network Services Office Helpdesk and also online at http://guru.psu.edu/policies/ad20.html

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