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Step 1. Left Click on the double computers and click "connect to a network"
Step 1

Step 2.

     A.)Double Click on the Fayette Wireless network compatible with your laptop.
Step 2a

     B.)A box will pop up asking to connect to the secure network, just left click "Connect Anyway".
Step 2 b

     C.)After Connection, check the box that says "Save this network"
Step 2 C

Step 3.Once you are connected you will see the box listing all the available networks. At the bottom of this box click "Set up a connection or network."  A new window will open. Scroll down to the bottom and click on "Connect to a workplace" and click "Next".
step 3

Step 4. Click "Use my Internet Connection (VPN).
Step 4

Step 5. Select "I'll set up an internet connection later".
Step 5

Step 6. Type in the Internet address box the following: vpnbox.win2k.fe.psu.edu

        In the Destination name type "PSU Fayette VPN" and click "Next" .
Step 6

Step 7. Enter your penn state User ID and windows domain password. Check the box "Remember this password" (optional).  Then click "Create" at the bottom.
Step 7

Step 8. Close this box.
Step 8

Step 9. Now down at the bottom right hand corner of your desktop, left click on double computers and choose "Connect or Disconnect".  In this box, you now have an option for "PSU Fayette VPN". Double click on this option.

Step 9

Step 10. Verify that your user ID and password are correct.
Step 10

Step 11. You have successful created a VPN connection.
Step 11