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  1. You must first be connected to your Internet Service Provider, Then Click  "Start", "Control Panel", and then double-click "Network Connections".
  2. Click "Create a new connection", then click next.
  3. Select "Connect to the network at my workplace", then click next.
  4. Select "Virtual Private Network connection", then click next.
  5. Type in the box "Penn State Fayette VPN Connection", then click next.
  6. Type in the box "vpnbox.win2k.fe.psu.edu", then click next.
  7. Put a checkmark in the box "Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop", then click finish.
  8. Type in your Windows domain Penn State Fayette Username and Password. This is the same username and password you use to logon to windows for the computers on campus. Click connect.
  9. You will see an information box displaying that you are connecting to the Penn State Fayette VPN connection.
  10. You will next see an information box displaying that the network is verifying your username and password.
    Verifying Box
  11. CONGRATULATIONS...... You will see and icon in your system tray showing you have successfully connected to the Penn State VPN network.
    Icon in Tray

If you have any problems, please contact the Fayette Network Services Office in the Technology Center, Eberly 107, or call 724.430.4163 for assistance.