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By attending classes at Fayette, you also receive an ID and password for the campus Windows Domain network. The ID will be the SAME as your Penn State Access Account, and the initial password may be the same also. Normally, you'll receive the Windows Domain account at the same time as your Access Account.

What does this account do for you?

  • You can logon to any computer system on campus.
  • You have a network Drive (called the H: drive) to save your e-mail, and documents. This H: drive content will follow you anywhere on campus.
  • The H: drive space is available to you at home via SFTP access. Just point your SFTP client to webspace.fe.psu.edu and use your Win 2000 ID and password.
  • If you have a Windows system at home, when you're connected to the Internet, you can browse your H: drive space by looking at \\psufents02.win2k.fe.psu.edu\user.  Enter your Windows ID as yourID@win2k.fe.psu.edu, then enter your Windows 2000 password.>

You are expected to exercise responsible, ethical behavior when using the University's computers, information, networks or resources. To receive a Windows 2000 Domain Account, you must agree to abide by local, state, and federal laws, and University policies and guidelines. In addition, you will be required to sign the Windows Domain Account Logon Agreement at the Network Services Office.

Change your password as soon as your account is active. For more information see the Web page on userids and passwords.