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PASS stands for "Penn State Access Account Storage Space." Everyone with a PSU Access Account has access to 500 Megabytes of storage on a certral server located at University Park. This space is in Addition to the 200 Megs of space on Fayette's H: drive server! If you're using WebMail or the PSU Portal, then you're already making use of this resource.

Full information about this space can be found at the following link: http://its.psu.edu/accounts/pass/pass-overview

But did you know?

You can browse this space and save files there from ANY computer system? Click on the link and give it a try!


If you wish to mount this space to your PC system, you can follow the instructions provided here.

Web Space on your Pass Space

Your Penn State Personal Web Space is part of your Penn State Access Account Storage Space (PASS).  Webmail and Portal information is also stored in your PASS.  Think of Personal Web Space - within the www folder of your PASS - as the portion of your PASS which is 'published' on the Web.  Files inside the www folder of your PASS typically can be viewed by anyone.

Begin by applying for your Web space; it will be ready to use a few days later.  You will have to take a short quiz about appropriate use of Penn State Web space first.

Facts About Personal Web Space:

  • Your files must be in the www folder (Web folder) of your PASS to be viewable by other users.
  • The default home page in your Web space is named 'index.html'.
  • A few days after applying for your Web space, a 'generic' index file is published in your Web space.
    You will want to edit or replace this file.
  • Image files (.gif, .jpg or .jpeg) in your Web pages must be uploaded to personal Web space as separate files.
  • The URL of your home page is www.personal.psu.edu/yourUserID
  • The Personal Server is a Unix server and, for security reasons, does not support FrontPage Server Extensions.  This means many FrontPage features (counters, banners, hover buttons) will not work when published on the Personal Server.  Suggested alternatives for some FrontPage features are available at http://www.personal.psu.edu/faq/cacweb.html#212
  • You can password protect certain files which you want to make available only to a select audience.
    (Caution: This procedure is tricky - not for novices).

Resources for Creating Web Pages
(Note: Please observe these Copyright Laws when using graphics in your Web pages.  Always read any disclaimers and follow all conditions of use before you use someone else's images.)

Penn State's ePortfolio Web site - a complete guide to working with files in your personal Web space, including suggestions for content and step-by-step instructions.

Penn State Web Developer's Resource Center - lots of resources for your Web pages, including Penn State logos and other images.