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At Fayette, we now have two Wireless Networks available. 

  • The Fayette Wireless (available since August 2004)
    This allows anyone with a Fayette Windows Domain account full Internet access.  All Fayette Students, Faculty and Staff are assigned a Fayette Windows Domain account.
  • The PSU ITS Wireless SecureNet (available as of February 6, 2006)
    This wireless network provides access to anyone with a PSU Access Account.  This is especially important for folks from other PSU locations that are visiting at Fayette and would need wireless access.  We finally have you covered!

Some quick notes on how to get prepared to use the wireless networks:

  • Determine WHICH wireless network you wish to use:

    • Fayette's Wireless:

      1. Have your Campus Windows Domain ID/Password
      2. Have an 802.11 a/b/g compatible laptop or PDA.
      3. Have VPN software installed on your system.  Most all Windows varieties (98/Me/2000/XP) already have the basic VPN tools installed.  Win 98 users may need some additional updates.  We've had some reports that Win98 systems may not be able to connect.  If you're having trouble, please stop by our office with your system and we'll double check.
      4. Once you have the software and hardware running, use your wireless card utility program to scan and find our networks (SSID's).  They are Fayette Wireless 802.11a and Fayette Wireless 802.11bg depending on the network card you have.
      5. If all that's ready to go, just CREATE a new VPN connection to:
        vpnbox.win2k.fe.psu.edu and when you login, use your Windows Domain ID/Password

        Directions For Setting up a VPN Connection For:
        Windows XP
        Windows Vista
        Mac OS X
      6. Directions for Mapping to your H Drive:
        Windows XP
    • PSU Wireless SecureNet

      1. Have your PSU Access Account ID/Password
      2. You MUST have the PSU Cisco VPN Client Software installed on your system.  It can be downloaded from downloads.its.psu.edu, it is listed under Connecting to Penn State, VPN - Virtual Private Network.  Please download and install the correct version for your PC's Operating System.  You may stop in the Network Services office to load this software if you're already on campus. 
      3. Using your system's wireless card utility, please scan for available networks, and select the pennstate SSID.
      4. After you connect, allow the wireless card to receive an IP address, then load the Cisco VPN Client.  Select the listing for ITS Wireless at Fayette, then click on the Connect icon.  You'll be asked for your Access ID & Password.  After a few moments, you're ready to go!

        More information is located on the PSU ITS Wireless SecureNet website.

Issues to keep in mind when making a Wireless Network selection...

  • IF you have a Dual-Band Wireless device, using 802.11a and 802.11g, PLEASE attempt to connect to the 802.11a band!  The 'a' band has a higher system density (more folks can connect) and it's less suspect to interference.  If you're not sure, just stop by, and we'll tell you what you have.
  • Folks that have Fayette Doamin accounts should use the Fayette Wireless Network.  It provides easier access to campus netowrk resources, such at your H: drive space.
  • PLEASE remember, that you are bound to abide by University Access and Security Policies, and any infringement of the policies may cause your account to be revoked.