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Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus employees will have the opportunity to identify and confidentially report concerns related to student behavior as it relates to academic progress, wellness, or safety.  A web-based or paper form can be completed. The Fayette Resource Team Chair will monitor the submitted forms daily and screen all entries for priority standing. Referral sources will automatically be notified when their web-based form is received. The Fayette Resource Team will meet as needed to review the information submitted and determine appropriate disposition. Referrals will be made to the appropriate academic, administrative, or Student Affairs Department. The Chair (or his/her designee) will provide liaison and follow-up as required. The Chair (or his/her designee) will also document the disposition for each submitted form and maintain the records related to program utilization as well as provide overall reports. This early identification system is NOT meant to replace individual interventions by faculty and staff and should only be used if other direct methods have been tried and failed.

  • Example One
    If faculty notices that a student is exhibiting poor attendance or not doing well on exams, it is expected that they address this with the student directly. If this does not yield positive results or the situation becomes worse, the faculty member is encouraged to engage the Fayette Resource Team for assistance. Additionally, it is advised that the faculty and staff inform the student that they are providing this information to the Fayette Resource Team and that someone from the committee may be contacting them.
  • Example Two
    If a faculty member notices that a student has become despondent in class, looks sad, does not maintain eye contact, and is not completing course tasks, the faculty member is encouraged to address these observations with the student and refer the student to the appropriate campus resource, i.e. Counseling Services. At a follow-up, the faculty member recognizes that the student did not pursue this and continues to exhibit the same behaviors, it is recommended that the faculty member engage the Fayette Resource Team, letting the student know that they are concerned and that hopefully someone else on campus might be able to help them.
  • Example Three
    If a staff member notices that a student becomes preoccupied with violence, boasts subtle threats, and becomes isolated and withdrawn, the staff member is encouraged to report the concerning behavior to the Fayette Resource Team.