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  1. Elimination occurs two ways:
    1. Hitting an opposing player below the shoulders with a live thrown ball
    2. Catching a live ball thrown by an opponent before it touches the ground
  2. The boundary lines are those of a Volleyball court. Players may only leave the confines of the court if they have been eliminated or to retrieve stray balls. Retrieval must be done through the team’s end-line, and a player must return through the end-line. Three balls are placed on either side of the center. During the RUSH, teams are only allowed to grab the three balls placed on their side of the center.
  3. Balls must be thrown from behind the attack line.
  4. Each team is allowed one timeout per game, in which they may substitute players into the game. Players eliminated are not eligible for re-entry.
  5. If a winning or tied team controls all six balls they must throw at least one within 5 seconds to avoid being called for stalling.
  6. Matches will run for 20 minutes. Individual games will last no longer than 4 minutes. The team with the most games won is the winner of the match. If all players have not been eliminated in a game after 4 minutes, the team with the most players left will be declared the winner of the game. Tied matches will go to sudden death—a 2-minute 3-on-3 game.
  7. Teams must have at least 4 players to start a match.
  8. Team members may be added until the playoffs begin. See Ryan Ehrie for more information.
  9. Regular season will be a round-robin format. The top four teams will advance to the playoffs, which will be single-elimination.
  10. All decisions by the court official will be final.