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  1. NCAA Men’s Basketball rules govern all play with the following exceptions:
    1. No shot clock will be utilized.
    2. Two fourteen-minute running halves, with the clock stopping in the last two minutes of the second half on all whistles.
    3. Halftime will be three minutes.
    4. Each team will get three thirty-second timeouts per game. A maximum of two timeouts will carry over into the second half.
    5. Games will be played in the half court.
    6. A maximum of three players per team allowed on the court at the same time.
  2. After a made basket, ball must be “checked” at the 28-foot line on the side of the court.
  3. Defensive rebounds must be brought out beyond the men’s three-point arc before an attempt on goal is allowed.
  4. Substitutions will be unlimited and allowed during dead ball situations (ball out of bounds, fouls, violations). Substituting will not be allowed between made field goals.
  5. Taunting and unsporting behavior will not be tolerated, and may result in ejection from the league.
  6. All members of a team must wear the same color. If all members of a team are not matching, pinnies will be provided.
  7. Overtime will be three minutes running time, with the clock stopping in the last 30 seconds on all whistles.
  8. Any player that accumulates three technical fouls during the course of the season will be disqualified from the league.
  9. Team members must appear on the roster and sign-in each game. Roster additions can only be made by the captain and no additions will be allowed after the third week.
  10. Playoffs will be a single elimination tournament.