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By Rita Krater

International Foods
From left: Rita Krater, Susan Crampton-Frenchik, and Cheryl Duncan

On Wednesday, October 28, the foods were met with a variety of reactions—from suspicion to enthusiasm. Some students needed confirmation from their friends before they would dig in. But once they were willing to try, the reactions were mostly positive.

The event was Penn State Fayette’s International Food Sampling Reception, sponsored by Chancellor Emmanuel I. Osagie, and the different kinds of food represented the home countries of our campus’ international students. It was a taste of the exotic for local students, and a taste of home for those from different countries.

What kinds of food were there? There were Korean dumplings, a radish and orange salad with pita bread to represent Morocco, and a Bulgarian Shopska salad with feta cheese. Next in line was beef, vegetables and rice from China, apple pie to represent the United States, and a spicy lentil soup for India.

All of the foods taught us something about the countries they came from. For example, when people tried the eye-watering lentil soup, they were surprised to learn that it had been made with only half of the recommended spices. Imagine what all of the spices would have tasted like!

The orange and radish salad was cool and flavorful, as was the Bulgarian salad; they were a nice balance to the hot lentil soup. The dishes from China and Korea had heavier flavors that were different from the others.

We thank the chancellor and the staff of the Bird’s Nest for sharing these dishes with us. The international students confirmed them as authentic. This was a delicious learning opportunity for everyone involved, and that is something we can be excited about.

Recipes from the International Food Sampling Reception included:

Moroccan Orange and Radish Salad/Salatat Fijl wa Latsheen
From Cooking the North African Way
By Mary Winget and Habib Chalbi
©2004 Lerner Publications Company

Korean Dumplings/Mandu
From Cooking the Korean Way
By Okwha Chung and Judy Monroe
©1988 Lerner Publications Company

Stir-fried Beef with Sugar Peas
From Cooking the Chinese Way
By Ling Yu
©2002 Lerner Publications Company

Lentils with Garlic and Onion/Masoor Dal
From Cooking the Indian Way
By Vijay Madavan
©2002 Lerner Publications Company

Bulgarian Salad Recipe/Shopska Salata
By Barbara Rolek
©2008 Barbara Rolek, licensed to About.com, Inc., a part of The New York Times Company