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The spring 2009 honor's class is traveling to Iceland as a class trip.  Share in their adventure by following the student blogs.

Rita's blog

Hotel Eldhestar

I have accomplished my mission of this trip.  I have seen puffins.  Admittedly, it was at a distance through Trausti's telescope, but it was still cool.  We went to a secluded cliff and lay down in the cushy moss until he found them. It was quite an experience to lay looking up at the forbidding cliffs and listen to the ocean.

My next mission is to go horsebackriding on an Icelandic pony, which (God willing) will be accomplished tomorrow morning.  The Hotel Eldhestar is devoted to horses.  It has nice atmosphere, but it has some technical problems.  The shower flooded this afternoon.  My clothes are drying right now. 

Now that we have been in the hot tub (very nice) I am very tired.  Tomorrow we are going back to Reykjavik to the University.  I will sign off now.

Day 2

After waiting hours and hours in JFK airport, we finally got on a plane to Iceland.  I had my first experience with turbulence on the plane to JFK.  Amber only had to hold my hand once.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to sleep either on the planes or in the airport, so you can imagine how tired I was on the first day in Reykjavik. 

I regret to say that I was not impressed with my first glimpse of Iceland.  I looked out of the plane window and thought, "It looks like the surface of Mars."  It was reddish brown, rocky and barren.  However, it is interesting.  The coast is much more  beautiful.  I won't try to do it justice by attempting to describe it.  You'll have to wait for pictures. 

Icelanders are reserved at first, but once the ice is broken, they are extremely friendly.   Even when it is busy, Reykjavik is very peaceful.  Oh yeah, did mention that it is COLD here?  I guess we expected that, but if this is spring I don't want to find out what winter is like.

More later, we are going flea marketing now.

minus one day

Less than one day before we start on our Icelandic adventure.  I actually hope that our trip will not be too adventurous.  I'm glad that its finally time to go, though I will miss my dog, Snitch.  

I wish that I had a bunch of cool facts, like Nicole.  But I don't.  I do have an Icelandic murder mystery to read on the plane, so I'll keep everyone posted.  (Must not be as nonviolent as you think, huh Nicole?)