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Honor society students recognized for academic excellence

 Penn State Fayette students inducted into the Pi Sigma Phi Honor Society March 28
4/3/2013 —

A special ceremony was held March 28 at Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus to induct 55 students into Pi Sigma Phi scholastic honor society. These students were chosen based on academic achievement and the completion of 30 credits and at least a 3.5 GPA. The mission of Pi Sigma Phi is to promote higher standards of learning and high scholastic attainment.

Penn State Fayette students who were recognized and inducted into Pi Sigma Phi this year were (name and degree program indicated):

  • William Addis, Uniontown, Pa. – Nursing
  • Colvin Adey, Connellsville, Pa. – Engineering (Common Year)
  • Valerie Baker, Champion, Pa. – Physical Therapy Assistant
  • Robert Barton, Brownsville, Pa. – Information Sciences and Technology
  • Jared Bigham, Mill Run, Pa. – Engineering (Common Year)
  • William Binns, Brownsville, Pa. – Mining Technology
  • Esther Blizman, Hunker, Pa. – Physical Therapy Assistant
  • Amber Bowlen, Smithfield, Pa. – Human Development and Family Studies
  • Harrison Boyd, Vanderbilt, Pa. – Information Sciences and Technology (Pre-Major)
  • Nicholas Cicio, Acme, Pa. – Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Steven Ciez, Uniontown, Pa. – Engineering (Common Year)
  • John Clawges, Morgantown, Wv. – Mining Technology
  • Kelsey Conn, Connellsville, Pa. – Administration of Justice
  • Jessica Corvin, Connellsville, Pa. – Business
  • Tracie Delestienne, Fayette City, Pa. – Nursing
  • Kevin Diamond, Waltersburg, Pa. – Liberal Arts
  • Amanda Domaracki, Belle Vernon, Pa. – Business
  • Timothy Domico, Monongah, Wv. – Mining Technology
  • Jason Donaldson, Uniontown, Pa. – Mining Technology
  • Tara Hall, Mount Pleasant, Pa. – Nursing
  • Alex Hamborsky, Uniontown, Pa. – Engineering (Common Year)
  • Beau Handley, Enterprise, Pa. – Mining Technology
  • Kaycee Hart, Uniontown, Pa.– Administration of Justice (Common Year)
  • Troy Hellen Jefferson, Pa. – Mining Technology
  • Rebecca Henckel, Uniontown, Pa. – Liberal Arts
  • Lucy Hlatky, Smithfield, Pa. – Business
  • Kaitlyn Holmes, Farmington, Pa. – Physical Therapy Assistant
  • Ethan Knopsider, White, Pa. – Building Engineering Technology
  • Moriah Kromer, Mount Pleasant, Pa. – Nursing
  • Tracy Leapline, Smock, Pa. – Nursing
  • Heather Lehman, Lewistown, Pa. – Nursing
  • Jeremiah McGee,, Uniontown, Pa. – Business
  • Timothy Moore, West Newton, Pa. – Engineering (Common Year)
  • Daniel Oppman, Connellsville, Pa. – Administration of Justice
  • Joseph Patula, Mount Pleasant, Pa. – Mining Technology
  • Mario Piccolomini, Waltersburg, Pa. – Business
  • Amber Pincavitch, Dilliner, Pa. – Nursing
  • Brittany Queer, Dunbar, Pa. – Administration of Justice
  • David Quiles Gonzalez, Uniontown, Pa. – Administration of Justice
  • Justin Radford, Ruffs Dale, Pa. – Physical Therapy Assistant
  • Heather Rattay,Fairchance, Pa. – Letters, Arts, and Sciences
  • Jarret Repnik, Herminie, Pa. – Mining Technology
  • Justin Repnik, Herminie, Pa. – Mining Technology
  • Megan Sanders, McClellandtown, Pa. – Business
  • James Schooley, Carmichaels, Pa. – Mining Technology
  • Colton Seigfried, Avella, Pa. – Civil Engineering
  • Shawn Sherwood, South Connellsville, Pa. – Nursing
  • Ronald Simon, Smithton, Pa. – Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Heather Smitley, Mount Pleasant, Pa. – Business
  • Anna Sparks, Indian Head, Pa. – Nursing
  • Matthew Spaw, Farmington, Pa. – Building Engineering Technology
  • Glenn Wilson, Fairchance, Pa. – Administration of Justice
  • Caitlin Wontroba, Uniontown, Pa. – Nursing
  • Cassandra Zinn, Uniontown, Pa. – Human Development and Family Studies
  • Lacey Zitney, Vanderbilt, Pa. – Non-Degree

Among the Penn State Fayette students inducted into the Pi Sigma Phi Honor Society March 28 were: (front row, from left) Amber Pincavitch, Moriah Kromer, Amber Bowlen, Heather Rattay, Cassandra Zinn, (second row, from left) David Quiles Gonzalez, Tracy Leapline, Brittany Queer, Anna Sparks, Alex Hamborsky, Harrison Boyd, Jeremiah McGee, (third row, from left) Colton Seigfried, Kevin Diamond, Steven Ciez, Ethan Knopsider, Kelsey Conn, Matthew Spaw, Robert Barton, Daniel Oppman, Lacy Zitney, Glenn Wilson (Photo by Bill Hager).

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