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Students can explore the recesses of the criminal mind at Penn State Fayette

9/12/2011 —

Students at Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus are now able to delve into the criminal mind with the newly launched forensic psychology concentration that is part of the administration of justice bachelor degree.

This new concentration will prepare students to work in a variety of criminal and juvenile justice settings as well as other organizations which benefit from an understanding of forensic psychology. Probation officers, parole officers, drug and alcohol counselors, youth workers, victim support workers, and a host of other career paths are open to graduates with this degree.

Dr. Richard A. Ball, professor and program coordinator of the administration of justice department at Penn State Fayette, says this new concentration will offer students the ability to become part of an exciting and ever-changing field. “The addition of the forensic psychology concentration allows students to add another dimension to their administration of justice degree that will provide even more job opportunities. It will prepare students to have a career not only in the law enforcement sector, but in the academic realm as researchers or teachers on any topic in which psychology and law intersect,” he says.

The academic team teaching this concentration has an extensive background in law enforcement and psychology with experience in school psychology, correctional counseling, development of jail visitation policies for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and publishing articles concerning social psychology of offenders and jail problems.

The forensic psychology concentration is available as part of an administration of justice bachelor degree that can be completed at Penn State Fayette.

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