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Local author’s new book examines controversial use of steroids in athletics

Frank Georgiana Jr.
Frank Georgiana Jr.
8/11/2011 —

A new book written by a local author examines why and how athletes are permitted to use anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs at the collegiate, professional and international levels. Titled T/E Ratios and Steroids: The Gray Areas of Athletics, the book is the result of years of research by Frank Georgiana Jr., an information resources and services support specialist at the library at Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus.

Georgiana has been studying the subject since 1970 and his research often proved challenging.

“The makings of my book were marked by the positive as well as the negative, including much difficulty in getting questions answered by some national and international sports associations about Testosterone to Epitestosterone Ratios.” This was tremendously frustrating for Georgiana, but he persisted and eventually was able to talk to some key sources. “The NCAA and Major League Baseball eventually confirmed my suspicions about T/E Ratios.”

Georgiana says the extreme controversy about performance-enhancing drugs is a real hurdle to people who might otherwise be willing to talk about the subject. “Only the National Football League came forward—twice, without any hesitation, delay or denial—to confirm that Testosterone to Epitestosterone Ratios exist in their league.”

From a young age Georgiana was interested in learning about nutrition and exercise programs, in large part inspired by his father who was a gifted athlete. “My father excelled in six different sports: football, basketball, baseball, track and field, cross-country and boxing.” Georgiana learned these sports from his father, but he explains his father’s most important contribution was his coaching on sound nutritional and exercise principles.

As he grew as a young man and encountered obstacles to participating in sports in school Georgiana began researching and educating himself about medicine and science in earnest. “I studied all aspects of exercise physiology and nutritional biochemistry. I even researched anabolic steroids, human growth hormones and other performance-enhancing drugs. What I did not learn from books, I learned from the medical and scientific specialists in their respective fields.”

That accumulation of information became T/E Ratios and Steroids: The Gray Areas of Athletics, published by Stefano’s Printing Inc. in Dunbar, Pa. T/E Ratios and Steroids is available at a number of locations, including the Uniontown Giant Eagle store, eBay and at frankgeorgiana.com.

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