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Pi Sigma Phi honors Penn State Fayette students for academic excellence

3/24/2011 —

A special ceremony was held March 24 at Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus to induct 55 students into Pi Sigma Phi scholastic honor society. These students were chosen based on academic achievement and the completion of 30 credits and at least a 3.5 GPA. The mission of Pi Sigma Phi is to promote higher standards of learning and high scholastic attainment.

Penn State Fayette students who were recognized and inducted into Pi Sigma Phi this year were (name, hometown and degree program indicated):

Ralph N. Adams, Garards Fort, Pa.—Electrical Engineering Technology
William J. Aldom, Donegal, Pa.—Engineering (Pre-major)
Kayla A. Ashton, Hopwood, Pa.—Nursing
Timothy D. Beilstein, Marianna, Pa.—Engineering
Hannah M. Bodnar, Coal Center, Pa.—Science (Pre-major)
Chris D. Clinger, Smithfield, Pa.—Human Development and Family Studies
Rebecca E. Corvin, Connellsville, Pa.—Liberal Arts (Pre-major)
Nicholas A. Cramer, Smock, Pa.—Engineering (Pre-major)
Lauren J. Danko, Connellsville, Pa.—Human Development and Family Studies
Tyler A. Davis, Adah, Pa.—Electrical Engineering Technology
Alan D. DeGennaro, Washington, Pa.—Division of Undergraduate Studies
Amanda L. Diehl, Republic, Pa.—Education (Pre-major)
Robert L. Edwards, Connellsville, Pa.—Business
Brian W. Freeman, Pittsburgh, Pa.—Mining Technology
Robert L. Gallagher, Acme, Pa.—Electrical Engineering Technology
Nicole M. Garrety, Lemont Furnace, Pa.—Division of Undergrate Studies
Courtney D. Gluvna, Masontown, Pa.—Letters, Arts, and Sciences
MaryKate A. Griffin, Dilliner, Pa.—Administration of Justice
Katie M. Herman, Vanderbilt, Pa.—Nursing
Gina R. Hoff, Uniontown, Pa.—Human Development and Family Studies
William C. Hogue, Bridgeport, W.Va.—Mining Technology
Zhan Hongyuan, Lemont Furnace, Pa.—Business
Timothy A. Hoyle, Waynesburg, Pa.—Science (Pre-major)
Ryan C. Jeffries, Uniontown, Pa.—Nursing
Samantha E. Lenhart, Smock, Pa.—Education
Ashley M. Ludwig, Dunbar, Pa.—Nursing
Kathleen N. Maas, Connellsville, Pa.—Human Development and Family Studies
Lexie J. Matthews, Hopwood, Pa.—Business
Ian P. McCombs, Carmichaels, Pa.—Education (Pre-major)
Melissa L. McFadden, New Salem, Pa.—Nursing
Brandon D. Mitchell, Masontown, Pa.—Human Development and Family Studies
Brooke A. Mollick, New Castle, Pa.—Business
Anthony M. Montalbano, Champion, Pa.—Engineering (Pre-major)
Kara L. Moore, White, Pa.—Nursing
Morgan E. Najewicz, Connellsville, Pa.—Building Engineering Technology
Frank E. Panepinto, Washington, Pa.—Mining Technology
John A. Peck, Fort Hill, Pa.—University College (Pre-major)
Wendy L. Pennington, Uniontown, Pa.—Administration of Justice
Ashley R. Pennington, Uniontown, Pa.—University College (Pre-major)
Brooke L. Puskar, Dawson, Pa.—Letters, Arts, and Sciences
Leanne Reagan, Connellsville, Pa.—Nursing
Amanda L. Redmond, Scottdale, Pa.—Human Development and Family Studies
Jarod D. Rine, Waynesburg, Pa.—Mining Technology
Zachary J. Risha, Uniontown, Pa.—Education (Pre-major)
Zachary D. Rockwell, Uniontown, Pa.—Electrical Engineering Technology
Aaron M. Sabatula, Smock, Pa.—Business
Kyle P. Salitrik, Uniontown, Pa.—Engineering (Pre-major)
Audrey J. Sheperd, Smock, Pa.—Science (Pre-major)
Katie M. Smaniotto, Smithfield, Pa.—Human Development and Family Studies
Jamie L. Ulery, Connellsville, Pa.—Education (Pre-major)
Lindsay E. Walt, Ruffs Dale, Pa.—Business
Noelle A. Winkler, McClellandtown, Pa.—Division of Undergraduate Studies
Jane E. Witt, Connellsville, Pa.—Nondegree
Kelsey R. Workman, Lemont Furnace, Pa.—Science (Pre-major)
Michaeline D. Yates, Smithfield, Pa.—Earth and Mineral Science

Pi Sigma Phi Students

Penn State Fayette Chancellor Francis K. Achampong (back row, left) congratulated student inductees into the Pi Sigma Phi Honor Society March 24, including: (front row, from left) Audrey J. Sheperd, Michaeline D. Yates, Lauren J. Danko, Amanda L. Diehl, Leanne Reagan, Ashley R. Pennington, Amanda L. Redmond; back row, from left: Melissa L.  McFadden, Robert L. Edwards, Brooke L. Puskar, Timothy D. Beilstein, Nicole M. Garrety, Anthony M. Montalbano, Zack J. Risha, Hannah M. Bodnar, Kyle P. Salitrik, Wendy L. Pennington, Ian P. McCombs, Lindsay E. Walt, Morgan E. Najewicz, John A. Peck, Jane E. Witt and Chris D. Clinger. (Photo by Susan Brimo-Cox)

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