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Penn State Fayette professor honored for publishing two books

Dr. Jerrold Hoeg
Dr. Jerrold Hoeg
10/13/2010 —

Dr. Jerrold Hoeg, professor of Spanish at Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus, was honored at a special Author Celebration Oct. 12 at the Fayette Campus library for two of his latest book publications; “Reading and Writing the Latin American Landscape” and “Interdisciplinary Essays on Darwinism in Hispanic Literature and Film.” This is Hoeg’s second Author Celebration at Penn State Fayette and the campus’ 10th such event.

Hoeg has been teaching Spanish for over 15 years at the Fayette campus and has published five other books. He has studied in Mexico and Spain, gaining a different perspective on both the culture and the language. Hoeg explains, “The background of writing both of these books is to be found in my own experiences learning about language and discovering there is not one established way of either learning a language or determining how it should be taught. ‘Reading and Writing the Latin American Landscape’ is based on the changing state of human knowledge and ‘Interdisciplinary Essays on Darwinism in Hispanic Literature and Film’ is a textbook introduction to new biological findings in humanities.”

His research has led him to dig deeper into the investigation of human nature, language acquisition, and how both have evolved. Hoeg says, “I became interested in learning about language at the biological level and have discovered everyone can learn a language, but the question remains, ‘What is language for and what we can do with it?’”

Scholars, students and academia alike will benefit from both books in different ways. Hoeg concludes, “Overall, I hope these books open up a new way of thinking for the reader as to how people learn something new. We all have the ability to make our own discoveries.”

The books are available at Penn State Fayette’s bookstore in the Williams Building.

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