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Penn State Fayette students honored for academic excellence

4/5/2010 —
Recently, 69 students at Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus were honored for academic achievement during a special ceremony as they were initiated into Pi Sigma Phi. Pi Sigma Phi is a scholastic honor society that recognizes academic achievement of Penn State Fayette students who have completed 30 credits with a GPA of at least 3.5. The mission of Pi Sigma Phi is to promote higher standards of learning and high scholastic attainment.

The Penn State Fayette students who were recognized and became members of Pi Sigma Phi were (name and degree program indicated):

Rachel D. Bach, Administration of Justice
Frank R. Baranowski, Business
Christopher M. Barber, Engineering
Kristen L. Bishop, Nursing
Robert J. Butorac, Mining Technology
Eric J. Capenos, Division of Undergraduate Studies
Jennifer L. Caruso, Education
Suzanne M. Chambliss, Business Administration
Wesley C. Clawson, Mining Technology
Megan M. Cline, University College
Mary L. Conn, Business Administration
Brandon L. Daveler, Engineering
Amber L. DiDominic, Engineering
Justin T. Elliot, Mining Technology
Jeremy J. Fabery, Mining Technology
Lee I. Farrell, Mining Technology
Michele L. Fisher, Nursing
Lauren E. Flanigan, Division of Undergraduate Studies
Tyler D. Fleming, University College
Shawn L. Foster, Mining Technology
Nelson J. Gaydos, Agriculture
Nicole A. Guappone, English
Tricia A. Haas, Business Administration
Kimberly D. Heisterman, Nursing
Timothy J. Hoffer, Division of Undergraduate Studies
Marianne Howell, Business Administration
Gene W. Illian, Electrical Engineering Technology
Megan E. Jacobs, Division of Undergraduate Studies
Kristen S. Jarina, Human Development and Family Studies
Bobbie J. Johnson, Human Development and Family Studies
Jackie W. Jordan, Business
Brenda J. Kelley, Letters, Arts, and Sciences
Danny R. Kemp, Electrical Engineering Technology
Rita C. Krater, Letters, Arts, and Sciences
Steven G. Lehr, Engineering
Brent D. Lint, Science
Stacy D. Lloyd, Engineering
Stephany G. Lowe, Human Development and Family Studies
Michael S. Masters, Mining Technology
Lois J. Mazurik, Letters, Arts, and Sciences
Brittany N. Mihalko, Building Engineering Technology
Colleen M. Narigon, Nursing
Cherie A. Nicholson, business
Jeanine M. Piccolomini, Health and Human Development
Brittany N. Piper, Nursing
Michael P. Pospisil, Engineering
Jennifer D. Redman, Education
Rita B. Rosensteel, Nursing
Robert M. Ruggieri, Human Development and Family Studies
Amanda E. Savage, Nursing
Saumya O. Sebastian, Nursing
Christina A. Sepic, Liberal Arts
Laura M. Sherbondy, Business
Brian V. Sherwood, History
Jill A. Shubilla, Division of Undergraduate Studies
Matthew M. Simkovic, Info. Sciences and Tech.
Christopher T. Simpson, Mining Technology
Charles J. Smith, Building Engineering Technology
Jill M. Spencer, Nursing
Jody M. Sproul, Nursing
Michael J. Tandarich, Engineering
Russel L. Taylor, Engineering
Eryn L. Thomas, Nursing
Jamie L. Thoresen, University College
Cynthia L. Tokish, Human Development and Family Studies
Andrew P. Tomer, Administration of Justice
Karen L. Varndell, Business Administration
Healther L. Vorrasi O’Nell, Administration of Justice
Timothy T. Woodrum, Mining Technology

Pi Sigma Phi Students

PHOTO CUTLINE: Nearly 70 students at Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus were recognized for high academic achievement and became members of the Pi Sigma Phi Honor Society March 23. Many students participated in the ceremony honoring them, including, front row (kneeling), from left: Kristen L. Bishop, Heather L. Vorrasi O’Nell, Brandon J. Daveler, Stephany G. Lowe, Amanda E. Savage, Colleen M. Narigon; second row, from left: Megan M. Cline, Cynthia L. Tokish, Interim Chancellor Francis K. Achampong, Kimberly D. Heisterman, Jamie L. Thorensen, Laura M. Sherbondy, Cherie A. Nicholson, Megan E. Jacobs, Jill A. Shubilla, Kristen S. Jarina, Amber L. DiDominic, Stacy D. Lloyd, Lauren E. Flanigan, Robert M. Ruggieri, Saumya O. Sebastian, Rachel D. Bach, Pi Sigma Phi President Edward O. Banko; third row, from left: Andrew P. Tomer, Lois J. Mazurik, Brittany N. Mihalko, Marianne Howell, Charles J. Smith, Rita B. Rosensteel, Mary L. Conn, Jennifer D. Redman, Nelson J. Gaydos, Jennifer L. Caruso, Michael J. Tandarich, Steven G. Lehr,  Danny R. Kemp, Christina A. Sepic, Karen L. Varndell, Matthew M. Simkovic, Suzanne M. Chambliss, and Brent D. Lint.
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