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Penn State Fayette to conduct test of PSUTXT system

11/20/2009 —
Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus plans to test the PSUTXT text-messaging system on Monday, Dec. 7, to help ensure its functionality in a true emergency. This test will be sent only to those who have valid PSUTXT accounts and elected to receive alerts for Penn State Fayette.

“Although we have used the PSUTXT system for the Penn State Fayette group a few times in the past year, we have not conducted a test of the system for a while. With winter approaching, and the potential need to send a PSUTXT alert to the Fayette campus community likely, we decided to run this test,” explained Susan Brimo-Cox, director of public relations for the campus.

At some point on Dec. 7, those with valid subscriptions to PSUTXT who elected to receive Penn State Fayette alerts will receive a message that clearly indicates it is part of a test and that there is no emergency. However, not everyone who thinks they’re subscribed actually completed the subscription process.

“The Penn State Fayette text-messaging system has 831 validated subscribers, but there are roughly 800 subscriptions in the system that remain unvalidated and it’s impossible to tell how many of those will elect to receive alerts from Penn State Fayette,” said Annemarie Mountz, assistant director of Public Information at University Park, who manages the system. “These people have not yet successfully completed the validation process, so they will not receive PSUTXT messages although they may think they should. This test will help to make those individuals aware that their PSUTXT accounts are not active and they need to complete their subscription validations.”

Validating the cell phone number at the time of opt-in verifies that users have an active text messaging service on their accounts; ensures that only the person who owns the mobile phone is signing up for the service; and ensures that the user correctly keyed in their phone number.

Those who receive the test message on Dec. 7 do not need to take any action. Anyone who initiated a subscription to PSUTXT but does not receive the test message on Dec. 7 should log into the PSUTXT system by going to http://live.psu.edu/psutxt online.

Once logged in, they should update their cell phone information, and then click on “Services” to have a new validation code sent. Once subscribers receive the validation code, they need to enter it on the registration page on the Web site to complete the process and validate their accounts, according to Mountz.

Subscribers who continue to have difficulty validating their account should visit http://omnilertsupport.com/e2campus/ online.

Anyone who has not yet subscribed to PSUTXT should go to http://live.psu.edu/psutxt online. For more information, e-mail AMountz@psu.edu.

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