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Penn State Fayette students honored for academic excellence

3/6/2009 —
Recently, 84 students at Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus were honored for academic achievement during a special ceremony as they were initiated into Pi Sigma Phi. Pi Sigma Phi is a scholastic honor society that recognizes academic achievement of Penn State Fayette students who have completed 30 credits with a GPA of at least 3.5. The mission of Pi Sigma Phi is to promote higher standards of learning and high scholastic attainment.

The Penn State Fayette students who were recognized and became members of Pi Sigma Phi were (name and degree program indicated):

Michael K. Blaze, Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology
 Danielle E. Brownfield, Education (Pre-major)
Christopher L. Byers, Letters, Arts, and Sciences
Briana A. Bynoe, Liberal Arts (Pre-major)
Ingrid E. Carlberg, Letters, Arts, and Sciences
Luann Clair, Letters, Arts, and Sciences
Connie J. Conrad, Business
Alicia L. Daerr, Human Development and Family Studies
Danielle L. Davison, Nursing
Roberto A. Delgado, Human Development and Family Studies
Derek J. Derr, Engineering
Lauren N. Dix, Education (Pre-major)
Russell N. Dunyak, Mining Technology
Jared T. Ealy, Business
Connie J. Erminio, Business
Mark W. Evans, Mining Technology
Gregory P. Fike, Communications (Pre-major)
Stacy L. Forsythe, Science
Diana S. Green, Nursing
Robert W. Hager, Health and Human Development (Pre-major)
Diana L. Hardy, Human Development and Family Studies
James M. Horrell, Engineering Science
Luke D. Horton, Business
Megan R. Kara, French and Francophone Studies
Kaitlin A. Keslar, University College (Pre-major)
Kelli M. Kite, Nursing
Lisa M. Komula, Nursing    
Shane A. Kovach, Liberal Arts (Pre-major)
Nicole M. LaPresta, English
Jamel R. Lewis, Letters, Arts, and Sciences
Elizabeth A. Liptak, Human Development and Family Studies
Patrick R. Lofink, Business
Eric A. Long, Engineering (Pre-major)
Marcel S. Lowe, Electrical Engineering Technology
Malinda M. Mahoney, Business
Curtis K. Matthews, Business
Sandra L. McCloy, Human Development and Family Studies
Robert N. McIntyre, Information Systems Technology
Janelle L. McManus, Nursing
Tammy E. McMichael, Business
Melanie C. Medvitz, Nursing
Mona L. Miller, Nursing
Jennifer L. Milne, Nursing
Peggy B. Miltenberger, Building Engineering Technology
Nicole E. Mowry, English
Brianne A. Nero, Education (Pre-major)
Bethany A. Novotny, Human Development and Family Studies
Kayla R. Nuccetelli, Business Administration
Timothy J. O’Neal, Mining Technology
Heather  Vorrasi O’Nell, Administration of Justice
Rebecca L. Patch, Nursing
Lana J. Poli, Human Development and Family Studies
Kelly M. Porter, Business Administration
Shawnaa L. Radomsky, Nursing
Sean P. Ruck, Engineering (Pre-major)
Andrew A. Rudge, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Debra D. Sager, Nursing
Lorraine M. Savage, Nursing
Andrew J. Shal, Information Systems Technology
John R. Shandor, Division of Undergraduate Studies
Troy A. Simms, Mining Technology
Cynthia F. Simons-Bellina, English
Jessica M. Smell, University College (Pre-major)
Sheena M. Sparks, Nursing
Vicky A. Spells, Administration of Justice
Jessica L. Spiker, Nursing
Jody M. Sproul, Kinesiology
Andrew M. Stepanik, University College (Pre-major)
Natalie M. Stewart, Nursing
Thomas P. Szczygiel, Building Engineering Technology
Marissa L. Thomas, Business
Valerie A. Ventura, Science (Pre-major)
Christopher L. Vidonish, Nursing
Nicholas S. Vuchenich, Mining Technology
Annie K. Walkush, Education (Pre-major)
George A. Walters III, Science
Robert W. Whyel Jr., University College (Pre-major)
Christina K. Wilson, Liberal Arts (Pre-major)
Jason E. Wingfield, Letters, Arts, and Sciences
Stefanie A. Wisniewski, Nursing
Jane R. Woods, Human Development and Family  Studies
Stephen R. Yarnevich, Electrical Engineering Technology
Stephanie M. Young, Nursing
Billie Jo Yuhaniak, Letters, Arts, and Sciences

Pi Sigma Phi
Eighty-four students at Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus were recognized for high academic achievement and became members of the Pi Sigma Phi Honor Society March 3. Many students participated in the ceremony honoring them, including, from left, front row (seated): Bethany A. Novotny, Pi Sigma Phi Secretary-Treasurer Melissa L. Walker, Kaitlin A. Keslar, Danielle E. Brownfield, Nicole E. Mowry; second row: Shane Kovach, Gregory P. Fike, Luke D. Horton, Kayla R. Nuccetelli, Kelly M. Porter, Brianne A. Nero, Pi Sigma Phi  President Janice M. Collins, Connie J. Conrad, Connie J. Erminio; third row: Eric A. Long, Jamel R. Lewis, Marcel S. Lowe, Valerie A. Ventura, Annie A. Walkush, Sheena M. Sparks, Christopher L. Byers, Ingrid E. Carlberg; fourth row: Jared T. Ealy, Patrick R. Lofink, Roberto A. Delgado, Diana S. Green, Tammy E. McMichael, Billie Jo Yuhaniak, Alicia L. Daerr, Diana L. Hardy, Melanie C. Medvitz; fifth row: Pi Sigma Phi Vice President Edward O. Banko, Robert W. Whyel Jr., Jason E. Wingfield, John R. Shandor, Nicholas S. Vuchenich, Troy A. Simms, Timothy J. O’Neal, Cynthia F. Simons-Bellina, Malinda M. Mahoney, Rebecca L. Patch, Andrew J. Shal, Marissa L. Thomas, Heather Vorrasi O’Nell, and Vicky A. Spells (not visible).

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