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Dr. F. Russell Filburn honored for 25 years at Penn State Fayette

Russ Filburn 25 yrs.
4/14/2008 —
Senior Instructor Dr. F. Russell Filburn was recognized for 25 years service as a professor in the Communications Arts and Sciences department at Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus. Dr. Evelyn Pluhar-Adams, professor of philosophy and Faculty Senate chairman, observes that every student who graduates from Penn State Fayette has had to take at least one class—public speaking—from Filburn. “Public speaking is a required course, and Russell is very helpful in turning our students into public speakers. He has taught more than 5,000 students in 25 years, and his students sing his praises,” Pluhar-Adams says. Filburn teaches a variety of communications-related classes at the campus, and he is active with student activities and clubs. He also has served in a numerous leadership roles in faculty governing organizations. Recently, Pluhar-Adams (left), on behalf of Penn State, presented Filburn with an engraved plaque and cherry rocking chair to mark the milestone.
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