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Vince Capozzi new athletic director at Penn State Fayette

Vince Capozzi
1/24/2008 —
Vince Capozzi, the new athletic director at Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus, is looking to bring new excitement to the campus’ athletics program. Capozzi came on board as the spring 2008 semester began in January. “I’m really thrilled to have this opportunity to help build our athletic program. For many years, Penn State Fayette has enjoyed a great reputation for the high quality of education provided to our students. It has been said that athletics are the ‘second part’ of a student-athlete’s education. Our goal will be to create an athletic program that matches the quality of the academic excellence offered here at Penn State Fayette. Whether it is through intercollegiate athletics or our intramural programs, we want to be sure we provide a value-added component to the college experience.”

Capozzi will oversee the activities of Penn State Fayette’s six sports teams—men’s basketball, men’s baseball, men’s golf, women’s basketball, women’s softball, and women’s volleyball—and is also responsible for managing athletic events in Penn State Fayette’s Community Center, which houses an 2,000-seat arena with an NCAA regulation basketball court, auxiliary gymnasium, racquetball courts, and a fitness center/weight room, as well as the 450-seat, state-of-the-art Maggie Hardy Magerko Auditorium.

Capozzi has been prominent and active in local youth sports activities for many years. He is a certified instructor for the American Sport Education Program, has coached high school sports (in Uniontown, Greensburg and Ligonier) for more than a dozen years, is a little league umpire and is an active member of the Diocese of Greensburg’s Athletic Advisory Committee. Capozzi also has significant experience in public relations and marketing. He served as public relations director of accessAbilities Inc. and was editor of publications for the Diocese of Greensburg. Capozzi earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism and communications from Point Park University.

Joe Segilia, interim director of student and enrollment services, says the athletic program at Penn State Fayette is an important component in offering students a well-rounded college experience, and provides an opportunity to encourage community interaction. He explains, “Under Vince’s leadership, we look forward to providing sports opportunities for all students and also to bring a variety of community-sponsored athletic events to campus, such as high school tournaments, and other events, such as cultural performances, that rally the community to our campus to enjoy its facilities.”

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