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Emergency Text Messaging Service-Now Available

It was recently announced to our administration and IT staff that Penn State, Fayette currently has the means by which we can offer to our students, faculty and staff a Free Emergency Text Messaging Service fully supported by University Park.

Yes, this service is FREE for all students, faculty, and staff within the University system.  More importantly, the service is intended to  provide all registered text messaging members appropriate emergency information, in the time of crisis.  Additionally, a subscriber may select more than one campus location from which to receive emergency notices.

Please note however, individual cell phone providers may charge it's customers for in-coming text messages accepted by your cell phone; check with your cell phone carrier or provider for absolute clarification.  In any event, Penn State will not charge its recipients for rendering and administering this emergency service.

To register for the free PSUTXT service, simply complete the registration form located on-line at http://newswires.psu.edu

During the registration process, you will be asked to provide a user name and password.  This information should be independent of your PSU Access Account information as the Text Messaging data is hosted by a third-party vendor.

Also, while registering, be sure to select the FAYETTE ALERTS option; each campus is shown in the list in the (campus name) Alerts format.  You may opt to select other campus locations as well.

Enter your cell phone number and then choose your cell phone provider from the drop down list.

Submit your registration, and you are immediately added to the PSUTXT news List Service.

Once registered, you will be permitted to log into the PSUTXT membership area using the same URL noted above  http://newswires.psu.edu ,  along with the User Name and Password you provide during your initial service registration.

For further instructions click here.

Accessing the membership area enables you to change your cell phone number, edit your cellular provider information as well as add or remove campus locations from which you prefer to receive emergency information and notices.

Considering the devastating tragedies a great many of us have served witness to these past few weeks and years, possessing the ability to receive crisis intervention information virtually within the palm of our hands is a tremendous step towards securing one's own safety as well as the that of those we hold near and dear.

Remember, this program is not mandatory; it is strictly voluntary, and it is free.

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the campus Network Services Help Desk at 724.430.4163 or by email at FENSO@Lists.psu.edu.  For additional assistance and/or information, you may contact the Text Messaging Administrator at University Park: <mailto:amountz@psu.edu>amountz@psu.edu

Thank you for you time in this matter.
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