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Li Xiaoheng Art work and talk.

October 18, 2006
UNIONTOWN, PA - Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus will host an Asian Diversity Series, including a campus art display and contest, from October 28 to December 21.  

On Tuesday, November 7 at 12:30 pm in the Biomedical Building, artist Li Xiaoheng, will present "A Chinese Perspective on American Culture" as part of the campus’ fall colloquia schedule.  An art show featuring local work as well as the work of artist Li Xiaoheng will take place on November 8, in the J.L. Williams Cultural Center.  On November 9 at 6:30 p.m. in Swimmer Hall, The Tai Yim Kung Fu Dragon Dancing Team will perform.  The Dance Team has been performing in the United States for many years. The dance team members have performed for many special occasions ranging from Chinese New Year, special events, parades, business grand opening, and other celebrations. The dance school has several dragon performances. The larger dragon is over 100 feet long and requires at least 16 people to enable it to move. The smaller dragon is 55 feet long and requires 8 people to operate and 5 additional people to play instruments.  The dragon twists and coils rapidly as it chases a large pearl. The dance is very dynamic and requires a good sense of teamwork. We are asking for a $5 donation from all non-students and all proceeds will support future events of the Diversity Task Force.

At a reception immediately after the dragon dancing performace, artist Artist Li Xiaoheng will speak to attendees.  Li Xiaoheng  was born in China in 1956. As a child in China , his artist's tool was a twig that he used to draw stars, clouds and animals in the dusty soil on his grandparent's farm. Living in poverty, the family could not afford paints or brushes, but the beauty of nature opened this child's mind and inspired his imagination—two skills that would serve him well for his future as an award-winning artist.

Li graduated from the Nanjing Normal University with a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts in 1981. He is now an associate professor at Jiangsu Culture Center , Jiangsu Province. In addition to the prestigious Gold Award from the Ministry of Culture of the Peoples Republic of China , Li is also the recipient of the 1998 Silver Award, China Art Festival, and Nanjing , Jiangsu Province Government Gallery in 1999, as well as Gold Award at the Yanchen City Exhibition and the 2000 Gold prize in the Ying Cheng Art Exhibition. He has also won the Gold prize in Jiangsu Province National Holiday of 54 th Anniversary of China. He participate Shanghai Art Expo' of China in 2003, and U.S 22 nd Annual Wings and Wildlife Art Show at the National Aviary in the USA in 2004.

Li Xiaoheng has presented several solo exhibitions in China , Korea , and Canada and at California University of Pennsylvania, Slippery Rock University and International Images Gallery in Sewickley. In China , Li Xiaoheng gained fame because of his traditional Chinese paintings, but he loves his abstract art because it allows his creative expression.
The November 9 event is open to the public.  Call 724-430-4125 for more information.

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