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Penn State Id Card

Id Card
9/7/2006 —

LionCash+ is an online, prepaid flexible spending account accessed by your Penn State id+ card.  Deposit money into your account online at www.idcard.psu.edu, and start enjoying the convenience of being able to make purchases at participating locations without having cash in your pocket.

Getting started is esy and free!  There are no forms to fill out or fees to pay, simply activate your account with an initial deposit online.

The Benefits of LionCash+

  • Safer than carrying cash-your money is secure if you report your card lost or stolen, and your funds are immediately available when you get your replacement id+ card
  • Manage your account online-check your balance, view your transaction history, and report your card lost
  • Family and friends can deposit funds to your account at id+ online.  Transactions are processed in real-time
  • Active Accounts remain open and carry forward from semester to semester and from year to year-you can even request a refund upon graduation or withdrawal from Penn State
  • You can also use your card at the Penn State Bookstore

Penn State Students SAVE 5% - Receive 5% discount at the Bird's Nest Cafe when you pay with LionCash+

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