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Coal and Coke
9/2/2005 —

During the summer we completed our annual report of activity in the new Community Center. We were gratified to learn that over 50,000 individuals used some part of the facility during its first year of operation.

Although there were no major new building openings this year, I must say we have upgraded quite a few areas on campus. Please stop by the Coal and Coke Center at your earliest convenience to see its expansion, and move down through the back of the library to see the new space that we have generated to display our new Indian artifact collection. Also we have remodeled the “old cafeteria serving area” into a very nice meeting room to be used by students, faculty, and staff, and the rear of the library has been converted into a painting studio for our art students led by none other than Dave DiPietro.

New shelving units and storage units have been constructed for athletic paraphernalia and stage production props, etc. Thanks to UCIF funding, the Engineering Building has been upgraded. Bobby Salitrik has submitted a proposal to upgrade BioMed. Speaking of the BioMed Lecture Center, I am pleased to announce that DGS has funded $44,000 for the heat control. What this means is that students will no longer have to wear jackets in the first couple rows, nor will they “roast” in the top rows — a good/timely solution!

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