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Penn State Fayette's faculty speak on a wide variety of topics, from environmental issues to politics to health issues, and more. We are honored to be part of the community, and are pleased to offer these topics that may be of interest to your organization. If you are looking for a guest speaker for you organization and see a topic listed here that may fit your needs, contact Bill Hager via e-mail at wvh100@psu.edu or by phone at 724-430-4157 for additional information.

Engineering | Environment | Climate | Space | Bike Trip | Iceland | Nursing | Cardiac

Dave Meredith, P.E.Dave Meredith, P.E.

Associate Professor of General Engineering
Engineering and Engineering Technology

Presentation Topics:

  • “High Tech in Fayette County” or “Diamonds from Dunbar”—How we locally provide products to the world. For adults and students age 12 and up.
  • “Nano Manufacturing Technology at Penn State Fayette"—Intro to the world of the extremely small for high School students or adults.
  • “How to Smelt Aluminum”
  • “Green Design of Buildings”
  • “H.E.L.P.=Home Energy Loss Prevention”—Saving energy around the house. For adults.
  • “Making Sense of our Energy Issues”—Overview of energy/environment/economics. For high School students.
  • “Global Climate Change Issues”
  • “Environmental issues in China Today”—Powerpoint show of 2008 trip. For high School students or adults.
  • “Encouraging Women into Nontraditional Careers”
  • “What Engineers Do”—Discussion of what engineers do and how they do it. For grades 6-12.
  • “I Did That”—Powerpoint presentation of rookie design projects by BEST graduates. For grades 8-12.
  • “How to Make Electricity Six Different Ways”—Hands-on demo for kids grades 6-12.
  • “The Evolution of the Computer”—Show and tell of how things have changed in size, memory and communication. For grades 9-12 or adults.
  • “Living in Space”—Hands-on experience of what it feels like to fly in space. For grades 3-6.
  • “T-Minus Nine Minutes and Counting”—All the things that have to go right for the Space Shuttle to Launch (works best as VCR or DVD presentation). For students age 15 and up.


Dr. Michael ComiskeyDr. C. Michael Comiskey

Associate Professor of Political Science
Political Science, College of Liberal Arts

Presentation Topics:

  • Pittsburgh to Washington--By Bike!
  • Honor student's group trip to iceland in 2009






Mr. Damien ZsirosDamien Zsiros


Presentation Topics:

  • Health Care Careers
  • Nursing as a Career Choice
  • “How to prepare to go to the Hospital”
  • “What does a Nurse do Everyday”




Janet M. Knott


Presentation Topics:

  • Healthy Steps for Older Adults
  • Fall Prevention
  • Stroke Awareness
  • Cardiac
  • Disease Prevention
  • Health and Wellness

For more information, please contact Bill Hager at 724-430-4157 or by e-mail wvh100@psu.edu.