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  1. Mission
    The mission of the development office is to foster the advancement of the mission, vision and goals of the campus through the private support of individuals, corporations, and foundations.
  2. Vision
    The development office will be a model of exceptional service in cultivation and stewardship of existing and potential donors, friends, and alumni.
  3. Strategies for Accomplishing the Mission
    1. Establish and nurture strong relationships with existing and potential donors while encouraging philanthropy that will make the campus the top student centered institution in the region.
    2. Continuously work to identify new private funding sources in line with the campus goals.
    3. Work closely with the chancellor’s office to cultivate relationships that will lead to major gifts for the campus.
    4. Maintain contact with campus alumni to strengthen affinity for the campus.
    5. Fully utilize available university DDAR resources to support the mission.
  4. Values that Guide the Development Office
    1. Determination
    2. Fairness
    3. Honesty
    4. Integrity
    5. Respect
    6. Teamwork