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  1. Mission
    Finance and Business is a service division of the campus that supports students, faculty, staff and the public. We are responsible for the planning, management, stewardship, and safe-keeping of the Campus’ human, financial, physical, and environmental resources.
  2. Vision
    Finance and Business’s vision is to strive to facilitate informed decision making with all campus departments regarding institutional resources in order to sustain the campus’s financial strength and viability for current and future generations.
  3. Strategies
    1. Recruit and retain employees who enjoy coming to work to serve faculty, staff, students, and the community who have the skills and knowledge to deliver exceptional service.
    2. Provide the necessary expertise to ensure that the campus has the resources it needs to enable faculty to teach and to conduct research, staff to work effectively and safely, and students to learn successfully.
    3. Ensure the campus’s resources are managed professionally and appropriately.
    4. Strategize the optimum use and development of all physical assets.
  4. Values
    1. Accountability
    2. Customer Service
    3. Excellence/Innovativeness
    4. Leadership
    5. Integrity/Ethics
    6. Respect
    7. Professionalism
    8. Teamwork
    9. Student Centeredness
  5. Roles of Respective Departments in Accomplishing Mission:
    1. Finance/Business Office: Support and assist all personnel and departments with transactions affecting the financial, human, physical, and environmental resources of the campus. Also support and assist students regarding their financial transactions with the campus.
    2. Information Technology: Provide direct, electronic access to administrative services that meet the expectations of faculty, staff, students and the community. Also provide tools and training to ensure the safe, secure and efficient use of all access.
    3. Maintenance: Provide faculty, staff, students and visitors with clean, comfortable, and safe facilities. Promote stewardship of the campus’ physical assets by maintaining buildings, grounds, and equipment.
    4. Security: Provide quality public safety services in order to make the campus a safe place to teach, work, study, and visit.