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  1. Mission
    The Mission of the Chancellor's office is to provide clear strong, and inspiring leadership that empowers the campus to accomplish its mission, vision, and strategic goals, and strengthens the broader community.
  2. Vision
    The chancellor's office will be a model of exemplary leadership to the campus and community.
  3. Strategies for Accomplishing the Mission
    1. Provide leadership to nurture a cohesive campus community that thrives as a team.
    2. Provide leadership to secure the necessary resources for faculty and staff to execute the teaching, research, service, and support components of the campus' mission.
    3. Provide leadership to cultivate a culture of academic excellence and a student-centered environment in which each student can achieve his or her potential.
    4. Model excellence in community and team building, innovation, civil discourse, and respect for diversity.
    5. Provide leadership to strengthen and enrich the broader community economically, socially, and culturally.
  4. Values that Guide the Chancellor's Office
    1. Excellence
    2. A strong work ethic
    3. Integrity
    4. Mutual respect
    5. Collegiality
    6. Trust