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Elaine BarryAreas of expertise/Research interests: Children’s developing cognition, especially memory

What do you like most about Penn State Fayette? The geographic setting and southwestern Pennsylvania. It is such a beautiful part of the country with a wonderful history.

What do you like most about teaching at Penn State Fayette? The small classes and the opportunity to get to know students. I teach freshman-level courses and senior-level courses, and I really enjoy watching students develop and grow in various ways as they move through the program.

What inspires students the most in your classes and/or your academic area? I try to share with students the excitement of the research process—asking questions and finding answers, critically evaluating the information, and asking new questions.

What kinds of unique opportunities are available to students in your classes or department? Internship experiences in local agencies, serving people of the community.

What is your favorite quote? “It is not our abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices.”—Albus Dumbledore


Associate Professor
Human Development and Family Studies
Eberly Building, 206 T