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Dr. Gib PrettymanAreas of expertise/Research interests: Utopian literature, literature and industrialization, 19th-century American literature, contemporary science fiction and utopia, Taoism, and Buddhism

What do you like most about teaching at Penn State Fayette? The English program is relatively small but extremely lively. It’s gratifying to function as a mentor for students and to watch them develop their abilities.

What do you like most about Penn State Fayette students? I like the diverse life experiences that our students bring with them to the college environment. Working with adult students is especially rewarding in this regard.  

What is your favorite class to teach, and why? I like teaching utopian literature. Everyone enjoys envisioning new worlds and criticizing other people’s visions of utopia.  

What is your favorite quote? “Contentment is wealth.”—Lao Tzu

Associate Professor of English
University College English Disciplinary Coordinator
Williams Building, 116