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In an effort to simplify the ease of getting the word out to the folks...here are the EIGHT lists on-line to be used for e-mail distribution.

Here they are:
ALLFE ALL Fayette Employees!
FESTF ALL campus Staff (non-Faculty)
FEFAC ALL campus Faculty
FEAST the campus Staff Assistants
FEMNT the Maintenance/TechService group
FECMG the CMG (Campus Management Group)
FENSO the Campus Network Services Staff
FEMEDIA Instructional Design

How to you use them??

Well, it's actually pretty easy. Select the group of folks that you want to send the message to, and fill in the TO: address like so:


So, if you wanted to send a message to everyone, the TO: field in your E-Mail message should read: allfe@lists.psu.edu (no case isn't important in an E-Mail address). When you're ready to send it off...just click on the Send button of the mail program!

If you wish to manage all of your PSU listserv subscriptions, please visit the"lists.psu.edu" web site and select Subscribers' Corner.

IMPORTANT NOTE!!!!! If you send mail to FESTF, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT send to the other 'staff' lists...that would just duplicate the mail.

Now for the clarification:
To Send Mail to: Use THIS Address
All Fayette Employees ALLFE @ lists.psu.edu
All Fayette STAFF FESTF @ lists.psu.edu
All Fayette Faculty FEFAC @ lists.psu.edu
Fayette's CMG Group FECMG @ lists.psu.edu
Staff Assistants
FEAST @ lists.psu.edu
Maintenance/TechService Crew:
FEMNT @ lists.psu.edu
Fayette's   Network Services FENSO @ lists.psu.edu
Fayette's Instructional Design FEMEDIA @ lists.psu.edu