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All newly elected constables or appointed deputy constables are required, under Act 49-2009 §7142(a) to attend and successfully complete an 80-hour basic training program in order to perform judicial duties and be paid. Constables or appointed deputy constables must be registered with PCCD. If an individual is receiving Constable Training Bulletins, then he or she is registered with PCCD. To register, please call the Constables' Training Program at 717-265-8552, or 717-265-8554. When leaving a message, include full name, area code, and telephone number. To carry a firearm, constables must also attend a 40-hour basic firearms program. Thereafter, each constable must attend 20 hours of academic updates and 20 hours of annual firearms training each year.


To access information on the Constables’ Education and Training Board via the PCCD’s website, click below:

Constable’s Certification Education and Training System (CCETS)

Act 49 of 2009, Title 44 – Law and Justice