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Program rules and Discipline Measures:

  • The possession of alcohol and other drugs, fireworks, guns and other weapons is prohibited.
  • The operation of a motor vehicle is prohibited while attending and participating in the program.
  • The parking of staff and participant vehicles must be in accordance with University parking regulations.
  • No violence, including sexual harassment, will be tolerated.
  • No theft, use of tobacco products (smoking is prohibited in all University buildings), or hazing of any kind will be tolerated.
  • Misuse or damage of University property is unacceptable. Charges will be assessed against those participants who are responsible for damage or misusing University property.
  • Program participants and staff must abide by all University regulations.
  • Parents/guardians who drop off or pick up a child/youth for a Penn State Fayette Outreach and Continuing Education program or activity must sign the child/youth in and out at the activity's registration table.

Supervision of Minors in University Housing:

  • Written permission for the minor to reside in University housing must be signed by the parent/guardian.
  • A curfew time will be determined based on the program/activity and be age-appropriate for the participants, but in no case shall it be later than midnight.
  • In-room visitation is restricted to persons of the same gender.
  • Guests of participants (other than a parent/legal guardian and other program participants) are restricted to visitation in the building lobby and/or floor lounges, and only during approved hours specified by the program.
  • The program must comply with all security measures and procedures specified by University Housing Services and Police Services.