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Opportunities and Admissions Requirements for Homeschooled Students

Penn State has a history of admitting academically talented students from homeschooled programs. With our multi-campus system and extensive program opportunities, Penn State provides many ways to access quality higher education. Homeschooled students represent a large number of students in our immediate area and are very important to Penn State Fayette.

Dual Enrollment

Get a “jump start” on your college education with Penn State Fayette! Qualified junior and senior homeschooled students can prepare for the future by earning college credits and experiencing the workload of a college class through the Penn State Fayette’s Dual Enrollment Program. Homeschooled students are welcomed into the Dual Enrollment program with the same requirements as high school students.

Admissions Standards

All prospective students, whether in a high school or a homeschool program, will be subject to the same admissions standards.

Below are the basic admission requirements for all applicants, though depending on the major you choose, you may have to fulfill additional requirements.

  • Academic coursework prerequisites
  • Level of achievement (grade-point average)
  • Standardized tests (SAT or ACT Plus Writing)
  • Proof of graduation: high school diploma, diploma from an organization governed by a State Board of Education, or Graduate Equivalency Diploma (GED)
    • For seniors applying to Penn State, proof of graduation is not required when applying. Verification of graduation must be submitted prior to enrollment at Penn State. Students in homeschool programs must submit proof of high school graduation in the form of a diploma from a state-recognized homeschool agency, a letter from a local school district verifying graduation, or a copy of the GED transcript.

Since some students in homeschool programs do not follow a traditional high school curriculum, we ask that all homeschool students provide us with complete and detailed documentation of their high school coursework and evaluations of progress from an approved homeschool evaluator or supervisor.

If you have already enrolled in or plan to enroll in any academic program in addition to high school (for example, college-level courses through a local college or university), please submit those credentials with your application in addition to the coursework documentation. Accredited program credits may be transferable to Penn State.

MyPennState and the Application Process

The time has finally arrived–you want to apply to Penn State! We are excited that you are going to apply...and the first step in that process is creating a MyPennState profile if you do not have one already.

Create a MyPennState profile to:

  • Provide us with your current contact information
  • Check your application status throughout the admissions process
  • View your admission decision, when available
  • Accept your offer of admission
  • Schedule a campus visit
  • Access other University resources that are important to accepted students

Creating your profile is easy, convenient, and makes the application process simple! Create your MyPennState profile now to get started!