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Admissions Requirements for Homeschooled Students

Penn State has a history of admitting academically talented students from homeschooled programs. With our multicampus system and extensive program opportunities, Penn State provides many ways to access quality higher education.  

Homeschooled students represent a large number of students in our immediate area and are very important to Penn State Fayette. There are several types of programs through which students can complete their high school requirements. Support groups for homeschooled students from different counties are located in the surrounding area. For general information about home schooling, check out http://www.pahomeschoolers.com/ or email richmans@pahomeschoolers.com. Homeschooled students are admitted through the same enrollment process as all other students.

Homeschooled students are welcome into the Dual Enrollment program with the same requirements as high school students. Please check the information provided about the Dual Enrollment program for juniors. It is an exciting program with many benefits.

Admission decisions for all applicants (homeschooled or traditional) are based primarily on the following requirements:

  • Academic course work prerequisites
  • Level of achievement (grade point average)
  • Standardized tests (SAT I or ACT).

It is helpful if homeschooled applicants provide us with complete documentation showing the courses studied and all the evaluations presented from a homeschool evaluator or supervisor assigned to the student in cooperation with the local school district or an evaluator who is approved through the program.

*Some homeschooled students provide us with the Graduate Equivalency Diploma(GED), but it is not necessary to provide completion of graduation when applying. We request verification of graduation from high school prior to enrollment at Penn State Fayette.

If you have already enrolled or plan to enroll in any academic program in addition to high school (for example, college-level courses through Penn State Independent Learning or through a local college or university) we ask that you submit those credentials with your application. Accredited program credits would also be transferrable to Penn State.