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The Letters, Arts and Sciences Program (LAS) is a student-designed, multi-disciplinary, and theme-oriented major. You design this program to fit your career goals.

Perhaps you'd like to go to law school, or into journalism or public relations, but you'd like to keep your options open. As a LAS major, you can design a program of study that allows you to do just that. Motivated, creative students and those interested in an individualized course of study will find the LAS degree an attractive option. The flexibility of the LAS programs helps you prepare for a wide range of career options.

Because LAS cuts across disciplines, you could study with faculty from almost any department on campus. With the help of a faculty advisor, you develop an academic program to meet your needs. You have the freedom to select and link courses from various disciplines or subject areas to develop your thematic study plan. This plan is your guide as you pursue the degree. You can add a minor to the degree to have even more career or post-graduate study options.

Students who complete the LAS program are prepared for employment or continued study.

This baccalaureate degree offers the option for master's- or doctoral-level study in such fields as education, law, business, English, history, communications, theology, social work, and psychology. LAS is also available as a two-year major.