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Center for Entrepreneurial Technology Education Services (CETES) is a small business incubator that will assist students who embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and want to create a business. Thus, the primary goal for CETES is to provide insight and guidance by assessing ideas and then helping students to develop those ideas. Through such efforts CETES hopes to promote local economic development by investing in its students and the creation of local business ventures.

To best assist the development of local business ventures, CETES helps students with a range of activities. From First Interest Inventory (FII) assessments to reviewing observations, from market analyses to securing funding, CETES not only helps students achieve their dreams of becoming business owners, and also encourages the development of strong businesses that will succeed, stimulating economic growth in the region. From initial ideas to opening day, CETES will guide and assist students.


  • CETES is designed to serve students at Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus as they become entrepreneurs.
  • CETES is working with local and regional economic development groups and businesses in an effort to support small business development.
  • CETES is also working with Fay-Penn Economic Development Council to research funding available through the KIZ initiative.
  • As it expands, CETES will be utilized to service the community members of a multi-county region who wish to become entrepreneurs.
  • As a student small business incubator, CETES will research and gather small business operation information.
  • To build the strongest possible reference library, CETES will record seminars conducted by business experts so that any training sessions we organize will be made available to as many interested parties as possible.
  • By building a network of former clients, consultants, advisors, and vendors, a reference list will be developed and cataloged for the utilization of CETES and its clients.

CETES brochure