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Melissa Miner demostrating nursing equipment to a students.

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Many prospective students explore nursing as a career opportunity especially in the light of the recent initiatives to address the nursing shortage. Clearly nursing is a profession that has both rewards and challenges. It is a unique profession that combines the science of health, illness, and human behavior with the art of caring.

To help you understand nursing as a profession and facilitate your decision on whether this is the right thing for you, may want to visit these websites. Many have information on scholarships, employment opportunities in nursing and resource links to help you if you are an adult returning to school.

  • Futures in Nursing - You will find important education, student aid and career information related to nursing, in addition to various certificate and degree programs available to help you reach your goals.

  • Discover Nursing - Website by Johnson & Johnson provides you with information on the nursing profession, scholarships, statistics on the nursing shortage, employment opportunities and more.

  • Nurses for a Healthier Tomorrow - Nurses for a Healthier Tomorrow (NHT) is a coalition of 43 nursing and health care organizations working together to wage a communications campaign to attract people to the nursing profession. Also check out the resourse link for helpful information on attending school and handling family responsibilities.

  • Nursing World - Home page for the American Nurses Association