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ROTC is traditionally a four-year program consisting of a Basic and Advanced Course. The Basic Course is usually taken in the freshmanStudents Running and sophomore years.

Students incur no military obligation.

The Basic Course consists of four semesters of training and instruction on areas of national defense, land navigation, small unit leadership, military history and leadership development. Necessary textbooks and equipment are furnished without cost to the student. Students may discontinue the Basic Course at any time.

To be eligible for the Basic Course, a student must be enrolled as a full-time Penn State Fayette student and not be a conscientious objector. Students who have taken Junior ROTC or have military experience (Active Duty, National Guard, or Army Reserves) may receive advanced placement credit for the Basic Course.

ROTC ClassThe Advanced Course is normally taken in the final two years of college (this includes graduate school). Instruction includes further leadership development and evaluation, organizational and management techniques, tactics and administration. Training is directed towards preparing the student to be commissioned and assume responsibilities as a Second Lieutenant upon completion of all course requirements.

How do you get started?

Enroll in GMS 101 for the fall semester or GMS 102 for the spring semester. These 3.0 credit hour courses are a great introduction to basic military skills, physical training, leadership, training and military organizations. You incur no military obligation; it is simply a military science course worth 3.0 credits for you to learn more about leadership, the Army, and yourself.